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Abu Dhabi Police Invites The Public To Communicate With “Aman”


Abu Dhabi (Al-Ittihad) The Abu Dhabi police called on the public to take an initiative for the security and safety of the community and do not hesitate to contact the “Aman Service” to provide security, community – whether to report traffic information that could help prevent crimes before they happen and address all negative behaviours, emphasizing that the integration of police efforts in maintaining the safety and security of society can only be achieved through joint cooperation and responsibility between the different sectors and members of society.

Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Abdullah Al-Salami, Director of the Information and Control Center, explained that the “Aman” service treats information in strict confidence and that it is passed on with full professionalism to police forces, sections and stations, which in turn follow up and take the necessary steps to address it.

The service is available around the clock and allows community members to contribute in their role to prevent crimes before they happen, in strict confidence, through the available communication channels, such as the toll-free number 8002626 (AMAN2626), SMS messages (2828 ), or via email ([email protected]) or through the Abu Dhabi Police General Command smart application.



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