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A Seine-Saint-Denis manager in custody after a short-lived scamn


The hunt for short-time working scams continues in Seine-Saint-Denis. This Thursday, three people were brought before a judge and one of them – the head of the company – was remanded in custody. All three, members of the management of a construction company in Saint-Denis, are suspected of having set up a fraudulent system to receive state aid.

“They are accused of declaring employees in partial activity, while keeping them in a working position, as well as developing a system of fake hourly statements and fake pay slips to hide the scam, we tell Bobigny’s prosecutor’s office. of this scam amounts to more than one hundred thousand euros.”

burnt buildings

During the investigation, conducted by the Brigade for the Suppression of Astute Delinquency (BRDA) of Paris and the Saint-Denis Police Station, investigators searched the company’s premises. Buildings that were destroyed by fire a few weeks later, at the beginning of the year. The company’s manager and its administrative and financial director are suspected of having deliberately set fire to “in the suspected context of an insurance fraud”, according to the OM. This is not the case with the Human Resources Director, who is also placed under judicial supervision. All three will be inspected in September.

In early July, 11 people were tried by the Bobigny Criminal Court for partial unemployment fraud or wrongful claims for compensation from the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund. The embezzled amounts varied from 12,000 to 300,000 euros. Some business leaders have received sentences of up to two years in prison.


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