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Google My Business Performance Report, which includes driving directions requests and website visits


Google is slowly spreading your metrics Google My Business performance reports, new review report. These new metrics include driving directions requests and website visits, which are currently in the old statistical report. Colan Nielsen noticed the change yesterday and sent me screenshots because I don’t see them in my Company account yet.

What’s new. Again, if these metrics existed in the old statistics report, they will now arrive at the new version of the report that Google calls performance report. The performance report metric is slightly different in that it may show fewer requests due to Google’s renewed efforts to combat issues such as “multiple tapping, cancellation of referrals, and spam.”

What does it look like. Here are screenshots that Colan Nielsen sent us:

Performance report instructions
Clicks on the performance report website

More details. Google help document defines these metrics as follows:

  • Website Clicks: We plan to add the number of clicks from your company profile to your website in the “Interactions” section of the performance page. Website clicks in the Search Performance report do not include clicks from Google My Business websites on the website. This means that the number of clicks displayed in the “Interactions” section may differ from the number on the Statistics or Performance Reporting page.
  • Direction requests: Directional requests to your business go to the “Interactions” section of the Performance page. This will remove the referral requests from the ‘Customer Actions’ page of the Statistics page.

Why we care. Learn more about how your local customers discover you or your business is key to how marketing strategies work and don’t work. If you have more data, the data will be displayed in a new way, it can help you make more informed marketing decisions.

Again, you may not see the report yet, but you can try to access it Google My Business, overview, in the new performance report.

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