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David Dobrik is back on YouTube. But will his millions come back too?


Recently, David Dobrik went to Hawaii with a dozen of his friends. They swam, lay in the sun, drove around, zipped up, went by boat, cheated on the golf course, drank and filmed the trip.

The most important parts of the trip were published Tuesday on YouTube marks Dobrik’s return from exile. He has been completely excluded from social media since March next year allegations of sexual abuse against one of the cast members of his YouTube channel.

Going out to the South Pacific was a typical Dobrik: big, wild and, seemingly, expensive. The latter is perhaps the most interesting element since Dobrik’s once significant activity has been decimated over the past few months.

Almost all of Dobrik’s main sponsors have left it, brands like SeatGeek, EA and HelloFresh. YouTube has demonstrated its YouTube page, cutting it off from the shared ad revenue that typically makes up the bulk of a YouTube star’s earnings. His podcast disappeared on the air. He no longer publishes on TikTok, where he received funding from the Creator Fund, a fund of money distributed to some select stars based on the popularity of their videos. And he left the photo-sharing app he founded, Dispo, which was recently valued at approximately $ 200 million.

These sources of revenue accounted for nearly three-quarters of the $ 15.5 million we thought he earned in the 12 months ended December 2020, making him one of the the highest paid YouTubers.

Dobrik has a certain style of video: Gather the stunt. He’s glad donating cars and losing $ 48,000 a night in Las Vegas. It’s a genre that will be hard to maintain if dollars don’t start flowing back.

YouTube stars have proven to be quite Teflon in the past. The Paul brothers are still in spite of that numerous controversy, is currently enjoying another life in the boxing ring. Gamer PewDiePie still makes millions despite the past anti-Semitic remarks. While make-up artists James Charles and Jeffree Star they suppressed accusations of inappropriate relationships, continuing with millions.

Their power to retain comment is the difference between celebrities on social media and traditional ones. Through YouTube and other platforms, stars from the former category can develop and maintain a direct relationship with their fans, making it easier to establish returns and return salaries. (YouTube only has temporary demonetized Dobrik and didn’t rule out turning him on again.) Starke stars don’t have the same abilities: If they get in trouble and then get a boot from their hit TV show, getting back in front of the camera isn’t ‘It’s like putting down an iPhone, flying to Hawaii, uploading to YouTube and hope everyone got the scandal.



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