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After you start using your local marketing partner to implement


For multi-location brands, relevant and accurate local listings and pages have never been more important. However, for companies with hundreds or thousands of locations, managing these is not easy.

More and more multi-location brands are seeking support from local marketing partners who provide them with the technology, processes, and personnel needed to manage and optimize local marketing on a large scale, but what does this look like in practice?

Previously, we shared tips on finding suitable local marketing partners and building a local dream team (please check This webinar, ICYMI, Or this e-book, The preferred guide for choosing a business local marketing solution). Now you will understand what happens after this operation is completed.

This article describes how you can get started and what we provide to ensure the most successful results for your local plan for your corporate brand.

A dedicated team to help you succeed

When you work with Rio SEO, you will be assigned a PProject manager, account director, list coordinator, SEO strategist and executive sponsor. These search experts have extensive backgrounds in corporate local marketing and are your exclusive representatives and an extension of your internal team. They are both your allies and your resources for achieving results. They are responsible for:

Ensure location information is accurate

Whenever you change your location information, our team will implement it on your behalf. Support specialists will update your changes on our centralized platform, whether it’s business hours changes, new addresses, or other content. For application programming interface (API) connections or through temporary updates, the changes will be updated in near real time-of course, you can publish updates yourself if you wish.

We also push data to Google and other large search engines and directories multiple times a week. This helps them realize that your brand is actively managing their local business. This will also help reduce inaccurate listings and protect their trust in the quality of your brand data.

Alleviate ownership issues and duplicate lists

Duplicate lists and errors Usually not created intentionally But there are negative effects. Monitoring these issues is important because they can negatively affect rankings and customer experience, and weaken search engines’ trust in your brand. More importantly, the brand may not realize that these potentially disruptive interactions are happening—the customer just loses their way and moves on.

We help reduce this risk by continuously monitoring and intervening quickly, correcting outdated or inaccurate lists, and removing duplicates. We also help providers who practice in multiple locations create and manage lists for each location to maximize their online presence.

GMB is not a channel to set up and forget it; our research shows Active management of local listings has driven considerable growth In GMB interaction, viewing, and conversion actions (such as driving directions requests and click-to-call).

Monitor search performance to identify new optimizations

We help companies quickly seize new opportunities through continuous performance monitoring (also near real-time). Baseline and ongoing reports show the brand’s performance in local search, including:

  • Listing accuracy
  • Citation completeness
  • Organic and local ranking of branded and non-branded terms
  • Multi-radius local ranking in the map
  • GMB metrics for clicks, views, searches, and comments

This wealth of knowledge enables you to accurately understand your position in the market so that we can identify opportunities and prioritize our next actions to achieve your goals.

Local search metrics: click performance

See your search metrics transparently in the desired date range

Evaluation algorithm, attribute and feature updates

Major search engines and directories such as Google, Bing, and Yelp are constantly updating their functions and algorithms. They also released new attributes and updates that help connect users with related businesses.

Take full advantage of these advantages by ensuring that each of your locations uses the best available features to meet your specific business or service needs. These help your local listings rank well and enable you to interact with your target audience.

Google posts Is a good supplement Google My Business (GMB) platform. These help the company highlight new products, share offers, promote in-store activities and communicate important updates, while expanding its brand’s influence.

However, Google posts are often underutilized. In fact, it may even be a real pain point.For example, until recently, you could only use Application program interface, Designed to allow brands to build applications that directly interact with merchant location information on the GMB server, which contains 12 or fewer locations.

As your local marketing partner, Rio SEO can support you to create and optimize different types of posts to ensure their robustness and effectiveness, and create unique URLs for each of your locations to better track performance. In addition, you can increase user engagement by using features such as event or service booking buttons and other URLs. For more best practices in this regard, please check out our white paper, Google Post 101.

Google posts

On-going management of local presence

Part of maintaining a healthy local presence is quick response Change consumer behavior And the local conditions of each market. This is not only essential for increasing brand awareness, but also for creating meaningful customer interactions that directly translate into sales. Your account director will provide recommendations based on these changes and shifts in the industry to ensure that your brand does not miss critical local updates.

Enhance your local presence beyond the local list

The locator and local page experience help promote the development of organic SEO, both of which are available additional solutions provided by Rio SEO.Reputation management is simplified and extensible, and comments can be managed in the same dashboard as Rio SEO Open local platformTo ensure that your brand does not miss the opportunity to interact with satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Not a Rio SEO client, but interested in optimizing your local image?We can provide you Free local audit Help you identify areas for improvement.


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