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Twitter has launched a new series of Insights analyzing the latest trends in media and entertainment


Twitter wants to provide a better insight into the new discussion of media trends in the app via a new content series which will highlight key instructions and notes to help with marketing strategies.

As explained by Twitter Media and entertainment manager Ged Tarpey:

“The goal is to unpack the latest news on media and entertainment, trends and insights on Twitter as soon as they happen. I will share my perspective and why this is important for entertainment retailers.”

The first review in the series looks at the reopening of cinemas and how Twitter users react to the return of entertainment on the big screen.

As he explained Tarpey:

On Twitter, we see the excitement take place in real time. Talks about movies increased by + 105% compared to last year. This is because Twitter is a place to discover, discuss and dissect. When new trailers are posted on Twitter, fans from all over the world share their thoughts and reactions. “

Twitter has always been a key platform for discussing trends and reactions in real time, and the fast-paced nature of tweet feeds has added to that initial noise and chatter.

Tarpey also notes that more people are watching announcements on Twitter than ever before, with a 35 percent increase in the daily average number of organic views of announcements, while the debate about movies and illusions has spread to TV, with 72% of users surveyed saying Twitter “seems to they feel like they are part of an online community “while watching a TV show or movie.

Tarpey also highlights the benefits of Twitter’s new sound Spaces to improve this connection:

“From F9 to Quiet place 2, the anticipated films bring together the cast and crew to answer questions and delight fans for the premiere. The magic of Twitter Spaces is that it helps bring the community around your content even closer and creates a stage for in-depth and intimate conversations in front of movie fans on Twitter. “

In fact, from Spaces to Twitter’s content creation tools, including newsletters and subscriptions, could become a more comprehensive home for friends, with more ways than ever before to build communities within the app.

Which, of course, also offers even more targeted advertising and promotion opportunities – and with a large number of films due to be released next year, after many are held back due to COVID-19, this debate has yet to start offering more connectivity options.

It is worth noting how Twitter users react to such, and insights into data like this can play a leading role in establishing a tweet strategy and linking to such shifts.

Tarpey says future releases of his new series will provide similar insights into data and notes on evolving trends and how brands can use Twitter to maximize their performance around such.

You can read Tarpey’s whole ‘From a review of the Director’s Chair here.


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