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What is a good text ad, display ad, or video ad?


We often describe digital marketing as an equal part of art and science.

Advertising can be a great channel for creativity. But they may also be annoying (if not good) because of the suggestion or experience.

In this part of Ask a PPC, we delve into this issue in depth:

“What is a good advertisement? Sometimes, when I try to be creative, I have qualifications or quality score issues.”

This article will mainly focus on Text ad (Give questions) But we will also involve display, social and video. Let’s take a look at the mechanism of good advertising and creative review.

The mechanism of good advertising

Before delving into the specific mechanisms of text/display/social/video, let’s first get a general understanding of what is and is not in a good advertisement.

Great advertisement:

  • Tell potential customers to do something.
  • Attract potential customers based on their position in the customer journey.
  • Regardless of the channel, seamlessly transform brand value and identity.


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For people who are used to creating ads for one channel but may not have the confidence to test ideas for other channels, the last point is usually a sticking point.

On the other hand, the average ad:

  • Strictly follow the formula.
  • Focus on the brand rather than the prospect.
  • Include content in all locations.

It’s worth noting that your ad can be Call to action (If you can get the volume behind them). However, you can’t count on ads that don’t require viewers to complete actions to produce amazing results.

And bad ads:

  • Violated the rules and was rejected.
  • Ignore the personalization options available to us.
  • Don’t ask users to do anything.


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Text ad

in Google Marketing Live, Google confirms that Responsive Search Ads (RSA) is the default setting in new accounts. This does not mean that expanded text ads will disappear, but it does mean that our strategy needs to adapt to these two ad formats.

RSA consists of the following parts:

  • At least three titles (each title is limited to 30 characters), and a maximum of 15.
  • Two descriptions (90 characters each), up to four.
  • A set of paths (two 15-character appendices for the root domain).
  • Optional tracking template.

Only the first two headlines are guaranteed to appear in the text ad, so it’s important to fix your call to action in the first or second headline.

Providing this input will speed up the algorithm learning cycle while protecting your brand from such disrespect:

Ensure that each title can exist independently while being related to other titles.

The more ideas you include, the better.

Even if it is not put on SERPs, providing options for advertising platforms will improve Click-through rate.

Creative trends.51K ads based on at least one click.

As shown in the figure, including the second description is more important for click-through rate than additional headings, but including all options works best.

Paths are often the best place for keyword relevance. Ads with keyword content (including keywords more than 2 times) tend to see a lower click-through rate.


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Display ad

Many people mistakenly believe that display ads can only be used for remarketing.

Good display ads can:

  • Pre-qualify potential customers by equipping them with your minimum customer standards.
  • Blitz the market and build visibility and potential customers/sales at discounted prices.

Creating a display ad means for all potential locations (Size is here), or sacrifice some creative touches to use responsive display ads.

If you choose responsive display advertising (RDA), then you are deliberately sacrificing some degree of brand control in the name of reach. These ads will open all possible placements for you.

They require:

  • At least three images/videos (including logo) and can contain up to 15 assets.
  • A long headline.
  • At least one regular headline and a maximum of five.
  • At least one description, up to five.
  • Company Name.
  • Final URL.


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Although these advertisements are not perfect, they are often superior to traditional advertisements because they have more opportunities to visit the advertising space.

In addition, they allow you to extract ideas from your website, social profiles, and stock images.

What the responsive display ad builder looks like

If you use videos as assets, make sure they do not exceed 15 seconds.

If you want users to click, create a button in your creative.Although RDA will have a CTA button, Pure human creativity needs to take design into account.


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Social display ads (ads in the feed) have the following components:

  • title: The flavor text of the call to action.
  • Main text: This should be considered as your content before social sharing.
  • description: If space permits, you can share other information on the desktop.

It’s important to note that social ads often cut off text elements, so it’s best to write concise and compelling content.

The call-to-action button is optional and can point to a website, phone, app download, lead form, or event.

Ads that focus on potential customers and sales should take advantage of the pre-built CTA (all ads except “click links” apply).

Given that social channels often require new ideas (preferably every 2-3 weeks), it doesn’t matter if you need to use stock images.

Just make sure that your written text is well-built visually, and you choose an image that points to the CTA.

Video ad

YouTube ads will be divided into the following categories:

  • bumper: A 6-second ad that runs before or after the main video.
  • Non-skippable interstitial ads: A 15-second ad that runs before/during/after the main video.
  • Skippable interstitial ads: Advertise more than 30 seconds before/during/after the main video and can be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • outflow: Video spots placed in locations other than the main YouTube.


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These ads will have (depending on format):

  • video: If you choose a specific time format, you will receive a warning if your video is not compatible with it. Note: You need to have uploaded the video content as a YouTube video.
  • Call to action: 10 characters (“Learn More” is the hero here).
  • title: 15 characters to locate your CTA.
  • Final URL: Where will your clickable elements point.
  • Display URL: What the user sees (I recommend using only the root domain).
  • Companion Banner: Your channel’s logo or uploaded image.

The most important thing to remember about YouTube is to understand what you want your audience to do from the beginning.If the goal is to drive sales, don’t waste time on brand awareness bumpers (direct purchase True Vision).

If a user reaches the 15-second mark in a 30-second advertisement/a 30-second mark in an advertisement over 60 seconds, you only need to pay for the skippable advertisement, so many advertisers will focus on getting the most important information brand, quotation, contact information ) Appears within the first 5-10 seconds.

While this is important, it is equally valuable to use ideas that motivate users to view complete information.

If your goal is to draw users to the landing page, make sure they watch it long enough to get the link.


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Social videos are less time-oriented and more focused on goals. They have the same elements as social display ads; the main difference lies in creativity.

YouTube thrives on good and high-impact early engagement, while social advertising depends on user accessibility.

Social ads should be able to convey their message without a voice and have the difference between channels.

Look 8 tips for creating more effective video ads understand more.

Creative review

We have introduced the core mechanism of each creative type of ad copy. Now let’s dive into winning ideas!

Text ad

Good ads with all extensionsThe ad did a very good job in the following areas:

  • Use enhanced site links so that it can take up the most space.
  • Have consumers obsessed with discounts.
  • Associate positive emotions with booking (joy) with them.
  • Link needs/needs with easy-to-understand call-to-actions.


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This ad is slightly inadequate in the following areas:

  • It’s a bit too much to grasp “cheap” tightly. Adding some synonyms can better serve ads.
  • Lack of solving the problems of potential customers, focusing too much on yourself (“our” and “your”).
  • Limited expansion beyond site links and phone expansion means missed opportunities to convey added value.

I will rate it as a normal advertisement. It will get the job done, but it may be written by a machine. Solid B-level advertising.

Display ad

Semrush ads everywhere

The placement of display ads is as important as the creative itself. This is a master class in brand ownership, “owning” the story about your brand and the display ads surrounding it.


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Where the ads are doing well:

  • Provide value to users without forcing sales.
  • Advertising design can attract users’ attention and lead them to important CTAs.
  • Enhance the influence of news reports.

These ads are slightly inadequate in the following areas:

  • Brands stemming from “rebranding” are inconsistent, which means that old assets and existing assets are being used.
  • Although the brand-right advertising is well done, the RDA at the bottom of the article is meaningless. If it makes the long title/description more substantial, it may work well.
  • The assets used for RDA points leave too much negative space, making them look amateurish.

These ads are great, and what keeps them away from greatness is brand consistency/human error. In general, I would choose B+/A- because of their influence on the halo of the page.

Facebook ads

lume great Facebook adThis is a magical advertisement for many reasons:

  • Products and personality are fully displayed!
  • The positioning is correct, it tells the pain points that buyers may encounter, and can use them to solve.
  • The perfect balance of written and visual content makes CTA shine.

Just need to consider some small adjustments:


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  • Some people may think that the language/product use is indecent, which may prevent some people from participating (in my opinion, this is a worthwhile risk).
  • The ad highlighted multiple flavors rather than formats. They may get better participation, indicating that they are not just lotion applications.

Overall-reliable A+ from me!

YouTube ads

Semrush ad before Hades song

Semrush’s video ads do a great job in many ways:

  • Cover the “who”, “what” and “why” in the first six seconds of the ad.
  • Product/role-specific ads and landing pages make participation easy.
  • Use complex topics (local SEO) and intentionally make it easy to access.

This ad can be improved in the following ways:

  • Better frequency caps. Although this ad is great, it will become a bit stale when you see it for the 20th time.
  • The sound feels robotic, which may disappoint the user.

In general, this is a B+ ad that does a good job of conveying value and using format.

take away

Great advertising is the result of clever creativity, respect for channel needs, and communication with potential customers.

Have questions about PPC?Submit by This form Or use the hashtag #AskPPC to tweet me @navahf. See you next month!


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