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Shopify POS vs Vend


Shopify is a huge retail brand. The company’s e-commerce platforms have been widely used for years. Recently, the Shopify Point of Sale System (POS) has become increasingly popular. In the POS space, Brother is one of its most remarkable competitors. When evaluating your company’s potential POS systems, it helps to compare Shopify POS and Vendi.

Let’s look at the main differences and general assessments of the two platforms. We then evaluate Vendi and Shopify in two graphs: ratings in different categories and available features.

4 main differences

Here are four main differences between these two platforms:

  1. Shopify is a complete solution for online and offline sales, while Brother is more of an “add-on”.
  2. As your business grows, you may want Shopify upgrades. However, the initial monthly cost for Shopify is lower than for Vendi.
  3. Shopify is a widely recognized brand, while Brother is relatively new.
  4. Shopify is a complete sales platform. Its POS integrates directly with the e-commerce system. Brother is specially in point-of-sale technology.


Overall assessments

Estimates are a critical part of the mystery when determining the right point of sale for your business. To do this, we look at a third party that analyzes the software impartially, the Quebec Technology Assessment Centers (TECs). TEC analysis Brother POS vs. Shopify POS opinion finds Shopify ratings higher:

  • Shopify POS – 4.5 stars (965 reviews)
  • country – 4.0 stars (33 reviews).

In addition, TEC found that Shopify has more features than Vend. TEC noted that functions are often available through plug-ins. Shopify is especially known for having an incredible number of integrations.

Shopify and Brother reviews comparison

Here is a comparison of the two systems in six different areas:

Shopify POS for sale
Ease of doing business 4.8 (11) 4.4 (20)
Administrator simplicity 4.8 (12) 4.4 (19)
Ease of use 4.5 (963) 4.3 (32)
Product direction 4.7 (33) 4.0 (31)
Helpdesk 4.5 (11) 4.3 (20)
Meets the requirements 4.4 (31) 4.2 (32)


Comparison of functions

If you need certain features, simply reviewing the merchants of these POS options is not enough. Here is a comparison of the feature sets for each platform:

Shopify POS for sale
Credit card payments Yes Yes
E-commerce Yes No.
E-commerce integrations No. Yes
Offline payments No. Yes
Sales tracking Yes Yes
Employee accounts Yes Yes
Customer profiles Yes Yes
Customer account profiles Yes No.
Gift card management Yes No.
Data synchronization Yes No.
Accounting integration No. Yes
Ordering automation Yes No.
Layaway management Yes No.
The guest reads No. Yes
Shift & Log notes No. Yes
Inventory notifications Yes Yes
Inventory management Yes No.
Inventory management integrations No. Yes
Inventory monitoring Yes Yes
Multi-location inventory tracking No. Yes
Partial payments Yes Yes
Shared payments Yes Yes
Self ordering Yes No.
Tracking back Yes No.
Daily reports Yes Yes
Multi-device payments Yes Yes
Product organization Yes Yes
Load No. Yes
Barcode scanning Yes No.
Touch screen Yes No.
Discounts Yes Yes
Preferential management Yes No.
Credit cards No. Yes
Loyalty members No. Yes
Refunds and cancellations Yes Yes


Based on the information above, you should have a clear idea of ​​whether Shopify POS or Brother is right for you. The main reason why we prefer Shopify over Vendi is that Shopify gives you a fully integrated personal and web platform, while Vend is a standalone POS. In addition, our Shopify e-commerce development specializes in expanding the business of powerful technology features, such as proprietary channel sales opportunities.


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