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John Shehata on NewzDash and Google AMP


John Shehata is the Global Vice President of Audience Development Strategy and CRM at Condé Nast.John also founded NewzDash.com, A set of SEO software tools for news publishers. But more importantly, John is an SEO veterinarian for more than 20 years, and he is passionate about news SEO. We talked for a long time, but the conversation went on very quickly. To be honest, we didn’t even prepare the topic in advance, we just flowed from topic to topic naturally. This is one of my relatively smooth video blogs for some time, but it often happens when the person you are talking to is passionate about this topic.

In the first part, we talked about The early days of news search engine optimization But in the second part we entered How to rank in Google News, News SEO topics, and the value of Google Discover to publishers.Now in the third part, we talk more about his name New Zealand Dollar And whether the publisher will continue to use Google AMP after the page experience is updated.

You can learn more about John LinkedIn On twitter @JShehata.

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