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How many people actually use Apple Maps?


This has been a big problem since the introduction of Apple Maps in 2012. Like other businesses, Apple is not easy to find out.

However, whether you realize it or not, your business might benefit from appearing on Apple Maps, or it might not benefit because you ignored it?

I can’t tell you how many of our customers are Android users and often forget the existence of Apple Maps.

But it does exist and it brings a lot of visibility to local businesses, so let’s try to figure out how many people use it, okay?

Last September, MomentFeed’s Eoghan Goeghegan estimates 68 million adults in the United States use Apple Maps at least once a month.

Last week except Horace De DiuOne of Apple’s top analysts estimates that there are at least 1 billion users worldwide:

He ignored the use of Apple Maps on Car Play, according to the US more than 80% of new cars support. A survey, 23% of new car buyers surveyed said that Car Play is a “must have”. So far this year, about 4 million new cars have been sold. The use of survey data means that at least 700,000 new car owners have used Car Play so far this year.

So this is a big number.

We can update Eoghan’s math to calculate how many adults in the United States are using Apple Maps:

First, we need to figure out how many adults in the United States are iPhone users:

  • This Recent census The U.S. population is estimated to be 332 million
  • This The latest data Shows that adults make up 77% of the population, so there are approximately 256 million adults
  • A kind Pew Research Center Survey It shows that 85% of American adults own a smartphone, so there are approximately 217 million people.
  • Comscore report As of January 2021, 52.4% of US smartphone users have Apple devices. This involves approximately 114 million iPhone users.

Now let’s do some estimated backflips and try to get our estimate of the total number of Apple Maps users:

  • 2018, Waze said it has 30 million users in the United States. If they stopped growing at that time, using the above-mentioned iPhone penetration rate estimate, it would mean that approximately 15 million Waze users in the United States were using iPhone. My guess is that Waze users are more likely to use Android, but since then, Waze’s user base may also grow significantly, including iPhone users, so let’s stick to the number of 15 million. After all this is a blog post🙂
  • Let’s add another 5 million iPhone users who use other map apps (such as Here and Mapquest), just for generosity. If we assume that all adult iPhone users use the map application, there will be 94 million users allocated between Apple Maps and Google Maps.
  • In 2015, Apple announced iPhone users use Apple Maps three times as often as Google Maps. Considering how much Apple Maps has improved since then, coupled with the number of teenage iPhone users who became adults during that time, I guess Apple Maps is now more than three times more used than Google Maps. But to be conservative, let’s stick to 3x. This means there are at least 71 million adult Apple Maps users in the U.S.

Of course, this is just a mathematical calculation based on potentially suspicious data, but I think it is safe to say that 71 million is the bottom line. If we assume that the usage of Apple Maps is 4 times that of Google Maps, then we will be close to 75 million. This does not include children, such as my new 17-year-old driver, who only uses Apple Maps. I guess there are many Google Maps users on the iPhone who accidentally use Apple Maps at least sometimes. Therefore, I would not be surprised if the penetration rate is north of 90% estimated by Horace Dediu.

So how many adult users of Apple Maps are there in the United States? Only Apple knows exactly, but I think we can safely connect the number of Apple Maps users in the United States with the number between 7.5 and 100 million adults.

So, maybe you might want to make sure that the company information on Apple Maps is correct?

Last week, MomentFeed hosted a discussion between Eoghan and me about recent events in Apple Maps.You can https://join.momentfeed.com/apple-maps-webinar.


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