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Five useful questions | Seth’s Blog


It may be difficult for them to answer, but your project will benefit:

What is the hard part? Which part of your job, if suddenly becomes better, will have the greatest impact on the results you seek?

How do you spend your time? If we look at your calendar, how much time do we spend reacting or responding to messages received, how much is under your control, and how much is focused on the difficult part?

What do you need to know? What skills do you do not possess that can make your job more effective?

What is the scary part? What are the results or interactions you are trying to avoid thinking about or interacting with? why?

Is it worth it? After reviewing your four answers to these questions, you may better understand what your project needs to reach its potential. Does the outcome of the project—for the people you serve and for you—justify the price to be paid to achieve it?


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