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4 known GMB issues and how to deal with them


This can be frustrating when a free service like “Google My Business” does not work as you expect.I fully understand you got a lot of business from you Business profile On search and map.

The Google My Business team also understands this.

The support department is doing what it can-especially considering that local search has experienced a turbulent year.

In this article, you will learn about the four Google My Business issues that are being processed as of mid-May/June 2021.

You will also find useful steps you can take to solve these problems and improve your own list.

What happens when you report a problem to GMB?

It helps to understand how the Google My Business team prioritizes fixes when they receive a bug report.

usually, Product expert (Just like you) will see the question in the community and mark it as “Google My Business”.

After marking, the team works with the product manager to determine whether the functions involved are working as expected.


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They are considering:

  • How many merchants were affected?
  • How serious is the problem?
  • Will the vulnerability cause harm to merchants and consumers?

The GMB team can initiate a short-term workflow path to temporarily solve the problem until a permanent fix is ​​implemented.

1. 85% of errors and logos and cover photos do not seem to be updated

This is a good example of how the GMB team prioritizes the problem.

In this case, the user will see a message when using the Google My Business website or mobile device stating that the profile has been optimized to 85%. In addition to this message, they will also see a request to add a logo and cover photo.


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The problem is that the business has set a logo and cover photo. Chaos followed.

To make matters worse, because of this error, the logo and cover photo will not be displayed to merchants on mobile devices, so they are even more frustrated.

However, if you look on the desktop, you will see that they actually exist.

repair: Not yet-not yet. If you encounter this situation on a mobile device, please check your desktop device, if your logo and cover photo are there, you can rest assured and ignore the warning.

Google My Business is aware of this and treats it as a low priority issue.

Why, you might ask? Of course, this must be important!

You will soon see that there are more pressing issues at hand. Since this error does not affect the performance of Google My Business, it is only a front-end issue.

timeline: The team is working to resolve this issue by the end of the year.

2. The disappeared listing; it disappeared from the GMB Information Center

Google My Business Missing ListCurrent process: In some cases, the listing mysteriously disappears from the Google My Business dashboard. In many cases, we see this because someone deleted the list.

what to do:

  1. Ask all managers and owners if anyone has removed (deleted) the list.
  2. Ask again!

GMB support staff is unlikely to recover your deleted business information. Google recommends creating a new one.

They may be able to find the comment, and you can always ask support to move the comment over.

3. The bugs of Kansas are still here…now

Google my business Kansas wrong.

For a long time, some service area companies have been ranking in Kansas in the United States, Saskatchewan in Canada, and other geographic centers in the world.


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Product experts discovered this and have been helping users and regularly working with Google My Business to resolve this issue.

The good news is that it is fixed almost globally.

what to do:

Search for your company name and take a screenshot showing your ranking in Kansas.

The easiest way is to enter your name in Google search and grab a screenshot of your profile, as shown above.

You can also search for your company name and add [independence kansas]. If your business information is affected, you will see it in search. Take a screenshot of this.

step 1: Record your list link and details. Then take a screenshot.

Step 2: Contact Google My Business support Tell them that you are affected by the Kansas vulnerability and that you need to reset your address.

Step 3: If the support staff tells you to use a map marker or address, please go to the Google My Business community and report the issue.


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4. No legal comments appear

Google My Business Error Missing Reviews

In some cases, merchants will see (or I should say they have not seen) comments from customers even if the reviews are considered authentic.

Recently, Google implemented a spam algorithm to check the authenticity of user comments.

In most cases, the algorithm works as expected, and comments that meet certain criteria will not be displayed publicly.

Users who leave them can still see them, but they won’t show up in the business profiles of businesses on search and maps.


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what to do:

Record your listing details and collect screenshots of comments that are not displayed.

In addition, if you have a link to the user’s profile, please also record it.

step 1: Consider whether business data has been suspended/resumed recently. If so, you should contact the support staff to provide the case ID and recovery details and your request for a transplant review.

Step 2: If it hasn’t been suspended recently, please contact support for any comments you’re missing.

Step 3: If support can’t find a comment or provide an answer you think is incorrect, you can go to “Google My Business” community And use the support case ID to post your question.

notes: You may not get the answer you want, but you will get the answer.

in conclusion

Remember, we are here to deal with people; there is a pandemic in India, which affects all areas of support.

The GMB team has been working hard throughout the pandemic testing and implementation process Various characteristics and attributes Help local companies maintain visibility and better connect with customers.


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As with all channels and interactions in business (hopefully in life), be respectful and patient.

During my time as a product expert, I have seen GMB solve problems of all sizes. I extend my warm congratulations to the “Google My Business” team and product experts and colleagues who are dedicated to helping everyone improve the platform.

If you find a new problem, please be sure to leave a comment!

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