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Google partners maintain status until February 2022


Search Engine Land reported that Google told them that Google partners can now retain their existing status and partner badges until February 2022. This is after delaying and lowering the requirements of the plan last year.

Caroline Layden wrote On Search Engine Land, “Any Google partner that meets the new requirements for partners in February 2022 in advance can receive the new badge later in June. After the initial plan changes were delayed, the partners asked Google if they Meet the new badge, whether they can get the new badge before the deadline of 2022 requirements.”

If you view Partner Program Document It says “Current senior partners will maintain their status until February 2022.” Google added: “Starting from February 2022, the company needs to meet partner requirements and participate in each country/region Only the top 3% of the company can become excellent partners. The top 3% of the evaluation is based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: annual advertising expenditure of the management account, customer growth, customer retention, and product diversification. The evaluation is conducted annually, and It may not be available in all countries.”

Google says Request page The company “will launch a new Google Partner Program in February 2022. In June 2021, partners who meet the new requirements will receive a new Google Partner badge.”

These changes don’t look much different from ours February 2021 This is a good thing to overwrite this change:

Performance: Performance requirements help ensure that you can effectively set up and optimize Google Ads campaigns to achieve maximum results for your clients. The minimum optimization score for your Ads manager account registered with Google Partners needs to be 70%-you can control it, and you can apply or reject suggestions based on your evaluation and client’s goals.

Spend: The ad manager account registered by your Google partner needs to maintain $10,000 in ad spend in a 90-day managed account.

Certification: At least 50% of the account strategists registered in your Google partner’s advertising manager account must be Google Ads certified (up to a maximum of 100 users), and in each product area with campaign expenditures (e.g. search, display advertising) ) At least one certification, video, shopping or application). Customer strategists are employees of your company who manage Google Ads campaigns on behalf of your clients. You can tell us how many users in your company are customer strategists and should be certified based on their daily work by going to the “Company Details” page from the “Partner Program” tab and selecting from the drop-down menu.

Greg Finn is satisfied with the news:

His opponent (maybe) is not satisfied with the button to check your status 🙂

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