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Google local search ranking update this week?


We may have seen a Google local search ranking update on Tuesday, June 8.This BrightLocal tracking tool Significant changes and fluctuations were shown on June 8th, and some heat also appeared on June 6th and June 9th.

Here is what the tool looks like, showing a big hit of 4.10 on Tuesday:

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If you have an in-depth understanding of which industries are most affected, it seems to be accounting and finance, then real estate and real estate business, then gardeners, and then businessmen. The remaining categories appear to be unaffected by this local update.

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Google hasn’t confirmed the update yet, someone asked if this is related to June 2021 core update -But I think this is unlikely.

I asked the people upstairs Local search forum This is what they said:

Colan Nielsen wrote: “We have seen several ranking reports showing a positive upward trend, which seems to coincide with the recent core update. I don’t know whether the update has a direct impact on the local results, or whether the impact is an indirect result due to the core update. , The natural ranking increases.”

The owner of Places Scout said: “I have seen a few cases where companies farther from the center (10+mi) now rank keywords after the update. They did not rank before. Not sure if they did a smaller Proximity adjustment, or if it’s an adjustment to better match the business to the keywords. More digging is needed.”

Have you noticed the changes in Google’s local rankings around these dates?

Discussion in the forum Local search forum.


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