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20% still use Google Search Console, webmaster tools


So although about Half of them call Google Ads, Google AdWords, Only 20% of people use Google Search Console, webmaster tools. I conducted a poll on both to see if the new brand persisted. Obviously, this will take time, but the new brand persisted to a large extent.

Google changed its name to Webmaster Tools (previous sitemap) To Google Search Console 6 years ago. Google Ads only changed its name 3 years ago, Plus the AdWords name has been around much longer than the name of Webmaster Tools.

That being said-I received more than 1,600 votes in this Twitter poll, and 20% of them said they still called it Google Webmaster Tools, but 80% said it was Google Search Console.

This is the poll:

If it can’t be loaded for you, here is a screenshot:

I want to know why 20% of people still call it Webmaster Tools? Is it because Bing calls them webmaster tools?

Discussion in the forum Twitter.


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