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Looking for an SEO/marketing mentor: SEO


I recently started working for a digital marketing company. I have just started a profession that is a foreign language to me. Now that I am starting to grasp the basic concepts, I have some trouble using the tools I have access to (SEM, MOZ, Silktide). Helping to generate backlinks and being able to fully grasp the insights of comparing competitors is my main focus recently. Fiverr has always been my best friend.

The websites I work on are all created on WordPress. I hope someone will ask questions and help solve them in terms of web design.

I found a website like this Mentor Cruise Network with Growth Mentor Network And would like to know if anyone has any experience trying to guide the program through these sites, or if there are suggestions for finding a mentor to help guide me.

I am also creating social media posts, so someone understands a good platform to create and use.


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