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LinkedIn offers tips on how to increase the page of the company that follows


It doesn’t attract as much attention as other platforms, but LinkedIn has been growing steadily over the last few years, in terms of total number of users and active engagement.

Over the last five quarters, LinkedIn reported record levels of engagement, every quarter, while the platform is now at its height 740 million members. What still seems like a cop – “members” are not the same as “active users” – but nonetheless, statistics show that LinkedIn use is growing, along with potential audience reach, and as more regions want it will return to normal after a pandemic , business activity will also increase, which will inevitably see even more users coming to LinkedIn more often.

Therefore, it may be worth rethinking your LinkedIn marketing approach. To help with that, LinkedIn shares a series Case studies who point out how to use its promotional tools and options, while today it is also provided some new tips about how to maximize your company’s presence and increase the company’s site followers.

Here are key LinkedIn tips:

1. Correct the basics

First, LinkedIn advises brands to ensure they meet all elements of their company’s site and include content and descriptions that convey what their business is doing and who they want to help.

“Be sure to include relevant keywords in your business description, as LinkedIn sites search and search and can often rank high.”

LinkedIn suggests that brands should too add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to their own blog, website and / or newsletters to increase exposure, while company site administrators should also encourage their first-level links on LinkedIn to follow their company’s page using “Invite to follow“Function.

2. Publish the content of the thought guide

This might be easier said than done, given the extra work required in research and creation, but the next key point of LinkedIn is that brands should make an effort to publish thought content content.

“The best way to attract attention [LinkedIn’s] the audience should publish compelling content on industry news, trends and other relevant topics. Actually, 88% of business decision makers agree that the content of thought leadership plays a crucial role in improving their perception of organization. “

Interestingly, LinkedIn also recognizes the challenge here, noting that only 17% of the same business decision makers rate the quality of current opinion leadership content available online as “very good” or “excellent”.

Creating content is easy and now there are more ways than ever before to compose a post or video and publish it to a wide audience. But creating great content remains a challenge as always, and while there are newer tools that can highlight key trends and data insights that can inform your approach, the key lies in providing your own insight and interpreting those trends from the perspective of your business offering.

This can take time, but the way to stand out on LinkedIn, according to LinkedIn’s advice, is to publish “well-researched, useful and relevant content”. Which makes sense and is good advice. But you will need a little time, focus, and writing skills to put together unique, valuable insights for your target audience.

LinkedIn also suggests that companies want to use his site Content suggestions a feature to gain further insight into topics that resonate with your LinkedIn audience.

3. Join conversations that are important to your brand

LinkedIn also suggests that brands want to participate in relevant conversations on the platform to increase awareness of their presence and expand their connections in the app.

One way to achieve this is LinkedIn’s community hashtag feature, which allows LinkedIn websites to select up to three specific hashtags to join their page.

You can then interact with these topics as you would on a company page, which can help you increase your brand’s presence on the platform.

LinkedIn also suggests that company site administrators find and host events related to them, allowing for more opportunities to interact and expose those in your niche.

4. Meet and expand your audience

LinkedIn also suggests that company pages use their site analytics tools to review data about the demographics and audience characteristics of their pages and how people come to their site.

Insight into LinkedIn pages

“You’ll also be able to identify which of your posts and updates encourage the most engagement. With these insights in hand, you’ll be able to continuously optimize for better audience alignment, providing the kind of content they consider most appreciated.”

5. Activate your people

Finally, LinkedIn says companies should encourage all their employees to ensure linking to a company site from the work experience section on their LinkedIn profiles, which in turn increases potential exposure, while site administrators should also re-share their employees’ best posts, inform employees the most important posts on the sharing page (you can notify employees once a day about posts on the sharing page) and identify moments in the team or employees by shouting from your site.

I mean, I’m not sure I’d personally like to see too many of these internal news posts on LinkedIn, but maybe that’s another reason to increase engagement and awareness.

LinkedIn also says brands should encourage internal engagement by building a community for LinkedIn employees only through My Company tab.

The My Company tab, which LinkedIn added in February, includes “Recommend” and “Contributor Content” lists, which allows companies to share relevant posts directly and increase internal engagement with such employees.

LinkedIn tab My company

This can help amplify selected messages and updates and boost engagement, which in turn can increase employee advocacy and increase your company’s presence.

There are a few good tips here, and while not all of them are necessarily easy to implement, here are manuals and tips that should help put together a more effective attack plan to increase LinkedIn’s presence in your business.

You can check out LinkedIn’s tips for growing company pages here.


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