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Instagram launched the first issue of the digital magazine ‘Instagram Insider’, highlighting the platform’s trends


This is interesting – today, Instagram has released the first release of its new ‘Instagram Insider‘a digital magazine, which aims to highlight key content trends, based on Instagram activities, as well as influential creators on the platform.

As he explained Instagram:

If you’ve ever given up on a weekend afternoon by scrolling through a feed, Research or Purchasing tab, liking and saving posts, then this is the zine for you! ‘Instagram Insider’ refers to inspiration and discovery – not just trends (cunning quilted fashion! Beautiful beauty products! Vintage streetwear!), But also the people behind them. “

A 9 – page magazine that you can download at PDF form, includes reviews of key, growing trends, with examples of images and links to leading creators to follow.

Instagram Insiders Magazine

It also contains short profiles of selected authors, along with tips on emerging trends.

Instagram Insider Magazine

Instagram also answers some key, common questions about the platform in the last section:

Instagram Insiders Magazine

A summary of IG’s questions and answers here:

  • Profile verification is only available for profiles that represent a “famous, highly sought-after person or brand”
  • Hashtags are the “primary way” people search and discover content on Instagram, and you should add three to five very relevant hashtags to all your posts (don’t add too many)
  • Instagram is currently testing a new option that allows users to display the total number as a number or not on their posts (more info here)
  • Instagram is working on new link options in Stories (probably thinking of its arrival stickers with links) that could make links to Stories available to all users

Some useful reference information and is an interesting guide with a series of useful notes and instructions on key trends and tips.

The magazine is basically designed to appeal to users and those looking at what to buy through trends on Instagram, but it also offers plenty of food for thought for both marketing experts and advertisers. Based on this, you may be able to find new angles for shaping your own Instagram strategies, while sections Q and A could also be useful in resolving some of your queries.

Anyway, it’s short, it’s free and you can download it here. Worth checking out when you get the chance.


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