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In the center of attention of the creator of “You are Sus”: Arcade Craniacs


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Edward Centen was beaten in the face by a stranger with a metal bat in January 2017. His upper jaw (the bone that holds your teeth) broke. He lost one tooth and the other is now to blame. Centeno didn’t know it yet, but it was the best of the worst that had happened to him. For the next few months, Centeno nursed a split lip that would eventually need plastic surgery. “I was so depressed I couldn’t do anything.”

Centeno filled his free time with screen time, falling into the rabbit hole of YouTube videos about arcades and carnivals. From the secrets of how certain games work to tips on how to win a lot of tickets, “I’ve also watched a lot of videos about claw machines. Then I thought, why do I always watch videos of claw machines? “While his lip was healing, he mentioned to his girlfriend Nicole that not many YouTubers were shooting videos in an arcade niche.” Just like PG-13 people made these videos, no punk rockers. None like us. We should make these kinds. videos and if we provide service to more adults, people will follow us. ”

Centeno and Nicole have launched a joint YouTube channel called Arcade Craniacs, for their videos, which mostly consist of playing with a claw machine. “You don’t have to be a kid to play arcade games. When the carnival came to town, since there are only five to six different channels in the arcade community, we decided to try to make videos about carnival games as well. ”

The first success

Their carnival video is the first to really attract new viewers to the channel. They added carnival videos to their niche, and YouTube subscribers continued to drop. “It was a simple title, no one has done it yet. Since the arcade community is quite small, we quickly began to stand out as different by adapting our video to adults who enjoyed claw machines and arcade videos. ”

The couple went on to shoot these types of videos without much thought or schedule, posting once every three weeks or so. “At first I didn’t try at all and that’s one of my biggest regrets. I didn’t even look at the numbers. Back then, we both didn’t really care about analytics. ”

Centeno did not have a camera, he recorded and edited all his videos on the iPhone. “I did it all the way to our first 100,000 subscribers. I always tell people, you don’t need an expensive camera. You have really good content and you are solid. “It would take him less than 30 minutes to edit his videos, just throwing and cutting clips in iMovie.

Around August 2017, Arcade Craniacs were monetized on YouTube, allowing them to start making money directly from their videos. “That’s when I took it more seriously.” Two years of moderate success on YouTube followed, with lots of arcade videos boosting Centeno and Nicole to over 200,000 2020 subscribers.

Crown Challenges

In April 2020, when Covid-19 shut down arcades and carnivals around the world, the canal began to look bleak and Centeno worried about the future of its canal. “Before the pandemic, we attracted about 40,000-50,000 views and that was really good for us. But when we ran out of ready-made videos to post, we were devastated and our channel started to die. “Months ago, Arcade Craniacs attracted over 30,000 subscribers a month, but by June 2020, they saw that their channel had failed to attract more than 2,000 subscribers that month.

Live streams on YouTube with dedicated fans have started to elicit some support and give the couple a few new ideas for content. Centeno built followers on his TikTok and started using it to promote people back to their YouTube. They tried out the mysterious boxes and a few challenges, and achieved some success with an average of 60,000 to 70,000 views on YouTube that mostly came from Centen’s TikTok. “It was okay, but I felt like it was cheating, and the channel still felt really dead.”

Charles E. Cheese is breaking?

One day in July 2020, rumors of Chuck surfaced on Twitter. E. Cheese bankrupt due to a pandemic. Centeno has always been a big fan of pizza arcades with rodents and animatronics. So much so that the family nicknamed him “Chucky”!

Centeno mentioned the rumors to Nicole who also ran another YouTube channel located around her. They shot several videos about Chuck E. Cheese and noticed a huge jump in views on her channel. It was decided that they would try to make a video of Chuck E. Cheese for the main channel, and as it turned out that video began the transition to their current content.

Ironic license

The YouTube video “3 a.m.” is known as a click-bait tactic popularized by the infamous humorous YouTubers. Lying to the viewer about the actual content of a video with a headline like, “Oh, my God – OBAMA CALLS ME AT 3 AM ???” was a consistent enough quality of success to create a small 3-hour YouTube community that exclusively made content with “3am” in the YouTube video title.

The outsider easily replaces the Arcade Craniacs video with one of these serious videos at 3 a.m. trying to convince viewers to click on the video by lying to them. But what makes their channel different is that none of their videos are technically a lie. Arcade Craniacs have perfected a unique taste of humor that can only be described as “ironic lure movies”.

Tony Zaret he has a similar approach to his comedy, creating sketches and sketches where the point is to make the viewer ask if the video is ironic or not. Driving that fine line of ironic humor on the internet is hard to balance, but Arcade Craniacs is one of the few creators who has definitely figured it out.

The first clip from the video above where the footage of the drone caught the red decoy Between us skateboarding recently exploded on Instagram as a popular video on repost meme accounts. The more appealing and amazing the title and thumbnail, the more it challenges the couple to be more creative and ultimately produce better quality films.

Other platforms and viewers unaware of the psyche of these two creators often make fun of the couple, unaware of their true creative intentions. While their audience on YouTube jokes that the title and thumbnails are as big a click-bait as possible. The quality of the acting, detailed costumes and semi-realistic props help create a cinematic universe in which fans enjoy in a unique way around the publicly inadmissible YouTube niche from 3am. It is a refreshing change in the niche from 3 in the morning which is intended for children.

This new style of content has most importantly greatly increased the growth of their channel, pushing the channel to over 1.3 million subscribers. Centeno says finding a niche was key to gathering his followers. “Let’s talk about videos at 3am. Is there competition? Not. Can you get a look? That. You want to stay in something where you know there isn’t much competition. Video games and makeup? Forget it. “

The conversation is edited and concise for clarity.



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