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Announce our investment in OneSignal


More and more participation channels provide a level playing field for companies of all sizes to bring customers back to their products.

This is especially true for modern software companies. Their products increasingly rely on non-product communication channels to increase visibility, engagement and customer success rates.

This is especially powerful for data-driven teams: the increase in personalization, content optimization, and customized delivery has become a multiplier of the company’s ability to attract and maintain a loyal customer base.

Some of the best brands in the world have attracted people’s attention, and they differentiate themselves through an integrated messaging method that can engage users across devices at the right time.

enter OneSignal. The founder George Deglin and his team initially consisted of a group of application and game developers who solved their problems by contacting users in a unified manner. They built OneSignal to initially power push notifications.

Today, they have become the preferred customer engagement platform, implemented by more than 1 million developers in 500,000 real-time applications and nearly 4% of Internet sites. They have established a web and mobile SDK, developers can install these software, marketers can use them to push through the web and mobile, in-app messaging, SMS and email to provide omni-channel messaging.

HubSpot worked closely with OneSignal to develop a Integration (In Beta) can now be found in our market, and their product features and the considerable value they can bring to customers’ core HubSpot experience have left a deep impression on us.

In addition to integration, we are happy to announce HubSpot’s investment in OneSignal as we will continue to work with their team to provide our customers with an extraordinary messaging experience.

Will DeKrey, one of HubSpot’s product leaders, shared more information about the cooperation between the two companies after working with their team for several months:

“Through HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, we hope to help the marketing team create a superior customer journey across all channels where audiences spend their time. This integration combines the ease of use and power of HubSpot’s marketing automation features with the key channels that OneSignal has honed. Specific expertise, such as web and mobile push. Marketers will be able to access these channels, align their push messages with other marketing content, and be excited about using CRM data in the process of promoting personalization.”

In addition to excellent products, OneSignal has also formed an excellent team, and we are happy to support them in their next growth phase. There is no doubt that the journey of OneSignal has just begun, and we are honored to be part of the story.


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