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By Joy Hawkins

Update on March 4, 2021

There are often many questions about how to correctly interpret “Google My Business Insights”. I will break down the different parts and explain their meaning.

For an overview of the new mobile and desktop segmentation and what will be displayed to track driving directions, website clicks, and bookings made through GMB, check out this article on: 2021 GMB Insights Update.

How customers search for your business

This chart only reports Impressions (Not click).

  • direct = People searching for your company by name or location. I want to say that you can attribute these impressions to other forms of marketing, because this person has already heard of you. Many of these impressions are also the most likely existing customers. These searches will return your business knowledge panel. I got confirmation from Google that when the search results only list a single company list, impressions will be counted in this section (so if you see a single box for a non-branded query, it may be misleading).
  • Find = People who search for general categories and view your list (car insurance, dentists near me, Italian restaurants, etc.). These impressions are most likely due to your SEO efforts.
  • Branding =These are searches for brands your business sells, and these brands will return a set of results (you are not the only result listed).

What is the difference between brand search and direct search?

Regarding the difference between brand search and direct search, we often get a lot of confusion, so I will give some examples. This is a car dealer Products sold for Nissan (a brand) in Woodbridge, Virginia. When you are located near a dealership and search for “Nissan dealership near me”, you will get a result.This will count direct.

However, if you stay a little further away from him and perform the same search, you will now get a 3-piece package.This will count as Brand.

For more examples of whether branding or direct branding, see This forum topic.

What is the difference between brand search and discovery search?

One way to determine whether Google knows a brand’s trademark is to check whether the 3-pack has the ABC label affixed to it. For example, “botox” returns a normal 3-pack, while “progressive insurance” returns a branded 3-pack with the ABC label.For more information on these different types of 3-piece packages, see This article.

However, since this seems to only happen when the name of the company includes the brand to be sold, this is not always the case for companies carrying products. I’m currently trying to get more instructions from Google to understand how they distinguish between brand terms and discover terms.

Where customers view your business on Google

Where do customers view your list
If you don’t understand that checking both boxes at the same time, this picture will be a bit confusing Graph is cumulative (The top of the chart includes the sum of the two numbers). Therefore, for those scratching their heads, wondering why when you hover over this picture, this picture will rise to close to 60 on July 25, which means that when you are 17 years old, you Not alone. This is the number you actually see-the total number of searches on the “map” is 41. The total number of searches on “Search” is 17. Therefore, the total search volume for the two is 58, which is what the graph shows. Yes, it is very confusing. To avoid confusion, just view the graphics separately (just click a box, ie “search” or “map”).

Searches made in “Local Search” are included in “Search” because they are made on Google.com instead of Maps.Google.com.

As March 4, 2021, The view in “Google My Business Insights” is the number of unique visitors to your profile.

Users viewing your profile: The number of unique visitors to your profile. If users access your business profile on multiple devices and platforms (such as desktop or mobile devices and Google Maps or Google Search), users can be counted a limited number of times. For each faulty device and platform, users can only be counted once a day. Do not count multiple visits per day.

  • Since this metric represents the number of unique users, it may be lower than the number of views you find in “Google My Business” and email notifications.

  • Since this metric focuses on the view of the business profile rather than the overall view of the business on Google, this metric may also be lower than the number of views you find in “Google My Business” and email notifications.

Customer Action

vehicle route

This section shows where your driving direction (if sufficient) comes from. Google will also display detailed information about the area where your direction request originated, including a beautiful heat map. If the driving directions seem high, it may be because you are in a building and Google is calculating driving directions to other businesses that actually point to the same address.

Phone call

Don’t be surprised if the numbers on this graph don’t match the numbers under “Customer Actions.” The graph shows 4 weeks, while the “Operation” section shows 30 days.

As shown by Tim Capper, you can still copy and paste Value to spreadsheet It is easier to interpret the data in this way.

Chat with you

The GMB messaging function is the latest feature to generate insight data.You first need to set GMB message function Before Google collects this data. In addition, if you use a third party to deliver messages, the graphics in GMB Insights may show zero even if you are actually receiving messages all the time. In this example, the company is using Podium to implement this feature and has been receiving messages, but GMB Insights shows zero.

Photo insights

Photo browsing

My church (in a very small town) can see an average of 20-40 photos per day. Their monthly photo views exceeded the number of people who actually attended the church. When I asked Google for an explanation of this, they said that “viewing a photo” was counting two impressions (the photo appeared in the 3-pack or the knowledge panel) and whether the user clicked to view the photo.So these are really Is not Clicks, but impressions (may be misleading).

This section will also compare the number of views of your business photo with other business photos.

Number of photos

This section will compare the number of photos appearing in your business with the number of photos in other businesses.Categorize them by “customer photo” and “owner photo”

Popular time and visiting time

For companies with a relatively large flow of people, Popular Times data is pulled into the “data analysis” part of GMB. If your knowledge panel shows “popular time”, then you may also see data in “data insights.” The calculation of the duration of the visit is slightly different. This is based on the traffic you have received in the last few weeks, and the Popular Times is looking at the data in the last few months (reference).

Search query

This section focuses on the search terms people enter in Google to find your company. The numbers under “Search Query” may appear to be smaller than other metrics you see in “Analysis” for the following reasons:

  1. The search query shows the number of unique users.
  2. It only contains queries that meet Google’s privacy threshold.

It’s important to realize that the “quarter” of the data shown here is Is not Represents the last 3 months. It does not update in real time, and usually displays the same data within a few weeks. Unlike other parts of GMB Insights, it does not display a graph to illustrate the date range from which it extracts data. This problem seems to be resolved with the update of the new search query report we discussed in this article. 2021 GMB Insights Update.

GMB insights

Does Insights include data from Google Ads?

Yes it is. If location extensions have been added to a company’s Google Ads account, users will be taken to the Google My Business list after clicking on the extensions.

When a user clicks on the 3-pack ad, the user will be taken to the GMB list (not the website). Clicking on the list will be considered a search in “Google My Business Insights.” If the list is displayed as both an advertisement and an organic list in the 3-pack, it will be counted as 2 searches (impressions) in GMB Insights.

Currently, Google Ads data and general natural data cannot be tracked separately in the GMB data insights section. Therefore, my suggestion is to add a call tracking number in the Google Ads location extension field of the Google My Business Information Center so that you can accurately track ads Call.

Does Google My Business Insights data include voice search?

If someone searches for plumbers near them on their Google Home or using Google Assistant, does this count into “Google My Business Insights”? The current answer is no. The data only includes visual search.

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