10 bad habits must be abandoned by digital and content marketers

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One thing is for sure in today’s innovative, digital, social, automated and always connected world – change. The only guarantee we have is change.

But even the smartest digital and social marketers are stuck.

Instead of doing the same things over and over again and waiting for a different result, we must have the courage to truly step out of our comfort zone.

Bigger marketing and business results come when we are comfortable being uncomfortable. We need to end the old habits that hold us back. We need to embrace new ways of thinking, patterns of thought and everyday habits that will lead us to achieve our goals!

We need to be aware of habits that may feel comfortable, but in fact are exactly the same habits that hold us back.

We need to look at our beliefs and see how they affect our daily thoughts. Do beliefs like lack of confidence keep you from innovating? Are you fighting a fake syndrome? Do you get stuck over and over again using the same processes? Do you turn everything around when you really need to simplify? These are all habits that can sabotage your marketing results!

In the last part of the podcasting of the social zoom factor, I share Every habit a marketer must now abandon!

listen Section # 283 of this Social zoom factor podcast learn the habits you need to end and the key habits you can adopt to get bigger and better results right away iTunes, Spotify, Sound cloud or Seamstress

It is my belief that for both business and life, we have to take less roads, it has much less urn!

What you can learn about this 30-minute podcast episode:

  • The top ten habit marketers now have to leave!
  • What marketing strategies are currently working
  • How To Get Bold And Confident To Measure Digital Marketing Results
  • Why is perfection a good enemy?
  • Why you need to stop trying to be everyone
  • The importance of targeting the right audience
  • Why Fake Syndrome Has No Place In Your Minds Or Marketing Strategy!
  • The importance of self-confidence and self-belief in doing “difficult things”
  • Why you need to focus on simplifying strategy and technology choices compared to engineering and never making progress
  • Why you can’t do it alone and you have to partner with the right people
  • Content strategies you need to throw out and how to enter the new year!

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