+0.1 star can increase conversion rate by 25%

According to Google’s latest report, the review score increased by only 0.1 star, which can increase the online conversion rate of the location (such as phone calls, website clicks or directions) by 25% Location marketing The company Uberall was released yesterday.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Norman Rohr (Norman Rohr) said in a statement that a 25% increase in conversion rate “also means a 25% increase in daily traffic.” This”Reputation Management Revolution Report” [free, registration required] It was also found that the jump from the 3.5-star rating to 3.7 can see a disproportionate increase in the conversion rate, reaching 120%, which is the highest rate of increase currently available.

Therefore, the top priority for companies in this area should be to get 3.7 stars or more in all locations, Uberall said. Consumers often post corporate reviews and ratings on websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Google.

“Near me” search

In addition, in terms of affecting user operations, 4.0 stars and 4.4 stars also represent key benchmarks. At 4.4 stars, large companies started to achieve higher conversion rates than SMB, and SMB outperformed large companies in companies with less than 4.4 stars.

Berlin-based Uberall provides a platform that can help companies optimize for customers “near me”, including audit management, and make it easier to find relevant information (such as routes or business hours).

The report also found:

  • Mobile The number of people searching for “near me” brands and products has surged, with 82% of users searching for “near me”. Among millennials, the search rate for “near me” is 92%.
  • Nearly half of consumers have left reviews online, and 95% of consumers believe that reviews will affect their purchasing decision.
  • Brands’ responses to their reviews can have a significant impact on attracting new customers. The report said that the response rate is the threshold of the benchmark, which is 30%. For example, a business location that answers at least 32% of reviews has a conversion rate that is 80% higher than that of direct competitors.
  • Small and medium businesses (SMBs), which responded to only 10% of comments, had a similar impact. However, the average comment response rate for SMEs is higher (25%), compared with 12% for enterprises and 9% for global brands. Rohr pointed out that compared with large brands, small and medium-sized companies rely more on customer reviews to increase brand awareness and awareness, which can purchase awareness more easily.

Request comment

Rohr told SEW through SED e-mail Companies that actively request comments will perform better. He said that if there is no solicitation of reviews, “companies will mainly face negative reviews” because “customers who are awakened by emotional experiences tend to submit reviews themselves”, including negative experiences.

Although this is Uberall’s first report on such reputation management, it has been published Last year’s report Regarding responding to customer reviews and A report from last summer Comments on small and medium-sized enterprises.

The report analyzed the business profiles of 64,000 large and small Googles using the Uberall platform in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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